Celtic Park Piaseczno

Purchase Price 2014
17.1 m PLN
21.5 m PLN
Value end of 2023
142 m PLN

Celtic Self Storage

Self storage boxes
700 units
Shipping containers for rent

Celtic Park Łomianki

Purchase Price 2022
11.8 m PLN
2 m PLN
Value end of 2023
28 m PLN

Mokotow Plaza Office Building

Purchase Price
€ 2 m
Redevelopment Budget
€ 23.15 m
Sale Price
€ 33.1 m


Purchase Price
€ 2.2 m
Redevelopment Budget
€ 6.2 m
Sale Price
€ 17.1 m

Ursus Tractor Factory

Purchase Price
€ 60 m
Industrial land
60 ha. m
Converted to Residential
700,000 m

Cybernetyki Office Park

Purchase Price
€ 9.7 m
Redevelopment Budget
€ 23.9 m
Sale Price
€ 73.4 m

Celtic was founded in 1999 by Andrew Shepherd and Rhys Jones to provide asset management and advisory services as well as to carry out venture capital projects and direct property development remits in Central Europe and beyond. The founding partners are British qualified Chartered Surveyors, and were joined shortly after the formation of the company by Craig Darbey. Each has 25 years experience of living and working in the region. Celtic continues to operate in these markets utilising both internal and external sources of capital and provide niche and bespoke solutions for the wider property and capital markets.