Paulina Kalinowska

Paulina Kalinowska is a Polish citizen and currently Head of Human Resources at the Celtic Group of companies.

In 2003, on completion of her Master’s degree in Polish Philology at Wroclaw University, Paulina joined TMF Poland, a multinational accounting, HR and payroll services provider. During her tenure she gained valuable experience in the administration and structuring of companies, in addition to increasing her understanding of accounting and HR. Paulina also completed a post–graduate study in Property Management at the prestigious Warsaw School of Economics, alongside a property valuation course at the Politechnika Warszawska.

In 2005 Paulina joined Celtic, since when she has undertaken a number of asset management and administrative roles; this has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge as to how the real estate world works. She has executed several restructuring projects, including cross-border mergers and the listing of the company on the Frankfurt, and later Polish, stock exchange.

Given her experience, Paulina often advises the board on various projects, as well as giving guidance on legal and accounting matters within the group. Furthermore, she acts as mentor to a number of the younger staff whilst having oversight of the day-to-day asset management of certain projects.

In her free time Paulina likes to relax by indulging her passion for reading or listening to her favourite genres of music.