Monika Kurowicka-Karędys

Monika Kurowicka-Karędys is a Polish citizen and is currently the Head of Asset Management at the Celtic Group of companies.
In 2011, she completed a master degree at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Universiti in Warsaw in the field of Administration of the Faculty of Law and Administration.

She then joined the team managing the largest shopping mall in Poland – Arkadia and dealt with tenants' affairs, their settlement of deposits and rental payments, service charge reconciliation, fit outs and the general management of the gallery.

In 2013, she worked at Retpro company, dealing with the commercialization of shopping malls in many cities in Poland. At the beginning of 2014 she started working at the Polish stock exchange listed Waryński SA where Monika dealt with the commercialization of the newly built EQlibrium office building in Warsaw. She also managed their property at Kineskopowa 1 in Piaseczno, which eventually became the property of the Celtic Group. Today Monika leads a team responsible for property management and commercialization of the office and warehouse properties.

In her free time she likes traveling, skiing and rollerskates. She is the owner of a vacation house in the countryside where she takes great joy in gardening and landscaping.