Katarzyna Bałdyga

Katarzyna Bałdyga
Katarzyna Bałdyga is a 30 year old Polish citizen, and is currently the Head of Przechowamy Wszystko self-storage with day to day responsibility for overseeing a team who deal with over 450 short term tenants.

She started her professional career in 2010 by opening her own business activity BD Beauty Diamond, a cosmetics salon. While running the company, she developed a wide range of skills including how to, manage personnel, over-see finances, budget and make company orders and everything related to owning a company.

After closing her business in order to concentrate on her family, she worked in various beauty salons where she completed many courses.

In 2016 she decided to change careers to concentrate on real estate in which she had always had interest. She joined the Celtic group as an asset manager with oversight on leasing vacant office and warehouse space. She also had responsibility for rent rolls and parts of the service charge reconciliation.

In 2019 she became the head of Przechowamy Wszystko where she leads a team of four in the day to day leasing of over 450 boxes and 83 shipping containers.

In her spare time she likes to crochet toys and design and sew clothes.Katarzyna is the mother of two children