Celtic Park Piaseczno

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Celtic Property offers rental of warehouses and offices with a total usable area of over 2000 m2. Biuro Piaseczno, Ursynów, Wilanowska – the ideal place to conduct any type of business, because of the fast and easy access to the center of Warsaw. Warehouses and offices in a strategic location are also a key element of each company’s logistics. The convenient location, the favorable terms of each contract and the professionalism we approach customer service are the qualities that distinguish us from other companies.


Perfect choice of premises is the first step to success – both in warehouses and officeS. Warsaw is a place where the location of a company plays a key role. The attractive location of the company, available parking spaces and the appearance of our premises will certainly help to create a stable and competitive business based on professional offices and warehouses. Warsaw is a city where it is worth investing in and developing every kind of business – our premises thanks to extensive infrastructure, will certainly contribute to this.

Piaseczno Office, Ursynów office, Wilanowska office – ideal place for your company

In addition to the right location – our advantage is also the availability of premises, which can be rented almost immediately. This saves not only time, but also money. If you are looking for a warehouse or office in Warsaw – our rooms are the perfect choice!

What offers Celtic Park Piaseczno:

  • Small office modules from 20 m²
  • Offices for rent in Piaseczno, near Ursynów and Mokotów,
  • Warehouses for rent in Piaseczno near Warsaw,
  • 0ffices and small shops are located a few kilometers from Wilanowska Street.

We invite you to visit us.

Celtic Park Piaseczno is a complex of office buildings and warehouses. You will find here the space and standard adapted to the standards offered in Warsaw. These warehouses are tailor made for individual production or storage needs. Virtually every industry needs warehouses. Warsaw gives us a wide selection of warehouses, but as everyone pay attention to the price. As for Warsaw, we offer warehouses at low, very competitive prices. Piaseczno, due to its close proximity to Warsaw, enjoys great interest, so we have so many tenants who have signed a contract with us for the warehouses. Warsaw gives us opportunities, our warehouses can give it to you.

But not only sanding is deciding here to rent a warehouse. Ursynów also finds it convenient to reach Piaseczno due to all the above mentioned arguments, ie price, location, convenience and modernity of the warehouses. Ursynów has a very easy and convenient access to Celtic Park Piaseczno due to the short distance separating the two districts. The inhabitants of Ursynów recognize Celtic Park Piaseczno as a good place to conduct their businesses and businesses, which is confirmed by an increasing number of people commuting daily from Warsaw south to Kineskopowa Street. It is difficult to rent a ursyn store with more possibilities near the Fashion House Outlet, where our warehouse is located. Ursynów, in comparison with other districts of Warsaw, is the closest neighborhood, so commute to work is so fast. Almost in a straight line you can get onto the property moving along Puławska Street and at the large junction with Decathlon one after another and the Fashion House Outlet on the other side, turning left. From this moment it is still 500 meters away and the entrance to the area is visible. Urban transport also works well in this area. From the Wilanowska metro every 10 minutes the buses run towards Piaseczno, giving you the opportunity to reach the place in less than 30 minutes.

Due to the convenient access from ul. Wilanowska, warehouses are becoming a very attractive place for tenants and clients to cooperate and expand their business. It is difficult to find in the area of ul. Wilanowska, warehouse offered at an attractive price, tailored to the needs and type of business. In Warsaw, the price levels of warehouses, which we do not have many, are alarming.


  • modern, trendy storage spaces in sizes from 1 to 1 000 m2
  • flexible time both for hire and termination – monthly notice period even with long lease terms
  • rent paid in zlotys
  • warehouse height from 3 to 10m
  • large parking for cars and trucks with easy access and hard surface
  • 24/7 Solid Security protection


  • modern, newly renovated office space
  • modules available from 17 to 1 000 m2
  • flexible rental time with the convenient option to terminate the contract
  • assigned parking space


Surfaces for rent:




400 m2

2 000 m2

Availability: immediately
Min. Surface
20 m2
Min. Surface
130 m2
Min. Rental term: Preferred fixed-term contracts
Office rent:
32 PLN/m2/month
6 PLN/m2/month
Rent for warehouse:
from 15 PLN/m2/month
3,5 PLN/m2/month
Place: from 100 m2
of 3 PLN/m2
Containers: 20 FT – 300 PLN/month
40 FT – 600 PLN/month
Indexation: GUS